Boss DN-2 Dyna Drive

$80.00 Released September, 2009

Product Shot 1The Boss DN-2 Dyna Drive is a low-end  guitar overdrive pedal that utilizes technology use in Roland’s CUBE-60 guitar amp. It features dynamic overdrive, allowing users to adjust overdrive levels without even touching the pedal while its level, drive and tone knobs allow users to tweak their sound manually.

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Additionally, the DN-2 can run on AC power or a 9 volt battery.

The Dyna Drive's dynamic overdrive is controlled by how hard the player strums his or her guitar, with more overdrive added when played hard and less overdrive added during softer moments. This dynamic effect can also be controlled by adjusting your guitar's volume knob. Meanwhile, the DN-2's level, drive and tone knobs offer control over tone and pitch as well as maximum overdrive level.


  • Provides dynamic transition between clean to heavy overdrive based on picking strength and/or guitar volume
  • Acclaimed Dyna Amp technology derived from Roland’s CUBE-60
  • Level, drive and tone knobs offer overdrive manipulation
  • Durable metal construction
  • Operates on AC power or with a 9 volt battery
  • Estimated battery life: 10 hours

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