Boss RT-20 Rotary Ensemble

$200.00 Released April, 2009

Product Shot 1The Boss RT-20 Rotary Ensemble is a twin guitar pedal designed specifically to emulate classic rotary speaker sounds. Its COSM modelling technology allows for authentic rotary speaker reproduction while also offering adjustable rise time, horn and bass speed, overdrive and more.

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Additionally, the RT-20 Rotary Ensemble allows users to create their own unique overdrive and pulsating effects while its virtual rotor display offers a graphical representation of its rotary emulation.

The RT-20 Rotary Ensemble's COSM modelling technology provides rotary speaker sound emulation while allowing for fast and easy tone and pitch manipulation by way of its tap pedal. Its onboard overdrive effects provide the RT-20 with more contemporary guitar effects, ensuring no need for a separate overdrive pedal. Meanwhile, the RT-20 Rotary Ensemble's overdrive and effect manipulation allows users to produce their own unique overdrive effect.


  • Authentic rotary speaker sounds via COSM technology
  • Slow/Fast transition time is adjustable from gradual to rapid change; optional Expression pedal can control speed in real time
  • Onboard overdrive effects
  • Adjustable mix balance between Treble Rotor and Bass Rotor
  • 4 types of sounds, from standard rotary speaker effects to rock-oriented tones, UNI-V, and more
  • Guitar/Keyboard switch
  • Virtual-rotor display

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