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G7th Performance Guitar Capos

$50.00 Released April, 2004

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Can be attached with any amount of pressure. Uniform pressure across all strings. Design makes it easy to attach to the neck of the guitar.

Professional product designer, and avid guitarist Nick Campling designed the G7th guitar capos after years of struggling with the existing capos, which can often be awkward to attach, and can throw the guitar out of tune when in place due to non-uniform spring pressure.

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Product Shot 2  Like all capos, the G7th Performance Capo is attached to the neck of a guitar in order to change the key in which it is being played.  However, the G7th Performance Capo is the first capo to use a wrap spring clutch in its design, which allows the capo to be effortlessly attached to the neck at any desired pressure simply by squeezing it closed by hand, as if playing a bar chord. The capo is then simply released by pressing a switch on the side of the capo.

This application of the wrap spring clutch is actually patented by Reell, making this capo a true one of a kind.  The G7th is designed to be a "performance" guitar capo, which ensures it meets the highest standards a guitarist can expect, even if it pushes the price up slightly.  The G7th has also eliminated another problem with most capos by making it the most sleek and attractive capo on the market.

Now, G7th have totally SIX different kind of capos, -

1. Standard Performance  2. Thin Performance  3. Classical Performance  4. Twelve String Performance  5. Banjo Peformance and  6. Nashville Capo

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    Can be attached with any amount of pressure

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    Uniform pressure across all strings

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    Design makes it easy to attach to the neck of the guitar

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    Sleek, attractive capo


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