Intellitouch PT-1 Instrument Tuner

Unlike most tuners, the Intellitouch does not use a microphone or cables to tune instruments.  It attaches to the headstock of your guitar (or on whatever instrument you use) and uses the vibration of the instrument to help tune your guitar, making this tuner ideal for use in a loud environment for trouble free tuning.

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  The Intellitouch has an easy to read LED screen that can be swiveled for easy viewing, or to be placed out of the way.  The PT-1 (unlike the lower model, PT-2) also features a back light for it's LED screen making the display easy to read in very low light, such as in many live gigs. The only other differences between the 2 models is the PT-1 also comes with a carrying case, and has the ability to "learn a tuning reference" from another instrument, which can be useful when playing along with instruments that cannot be tuned easily (such as a slightly off key accordion, or air organ). 

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Lev Desmarais
Lev Desmarais: #intellitouch_pt_1_instrument_tuner Both guitar players in my band use this tuner. It will tune electric and acoustic guitars, banjos, dobros and other instruments by simply turning it on and clipping it to the headstock. A couple of drawbacks are you may have to move the tuner around the headstock a bit to find a spot where it picks up all the strings well, also the tuner tends to separate at the hinge. The tuner is not broken when it separates at the hinge, you just have to clip the two parts back together. Just don't lose either of the two parts when it comes undone. Dec 16, 09
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taylor96: #intellitouch_pt_1_instrument_tuner Have had one of these units for several years now.. great item. easy to use especially if low lite or even no light. great for outside at BG festivals etc. highly recommend Feb 6, 07
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Special K
Special K: #intellitouch_pt_1_instrument_tuner The singer in my band has this tuner, and he seems to love it. It's very easy to use, even with one hand and is very sensitive (in a good way). When I used it on my Telecaster, I found some strings were not being picked up by the tuner. However, this was due to "dead spots" in the headstock, and when I moved to a new position, it was soon fixed. Jan 30, 07
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