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Rane SL 1

$600.00 Released June, 2008

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Access to special Music Pool named Whitelabel, offering free music.

The SL 1 is a comprehensive audio interface package from the Rane company that offers a step-down from the company's SL 3 model. Designed to offer professional disc jockeys a dual-format tool for superior modern mixing, this product features both analog and digital media support.

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Product Shot 2 Centered around a rugged hardware audio interface, users can connect their choice of one or two vinyl or CD turntables with USB bus power providing simple and reliable connectivity. The unit is then linked to a laptop or desktop computer running Serato's "Scratch Live" software, a digital media program that is used to store and play high-quality audio files in all leading file formats. The primary appeal of the SL 1 is the inclusion of four "Control Discs" - two vinyl records and two CDs. These rewritable discs allow users to port their audio content for physical playback and interaction, providing a natural DJ experience without needing to switch out CDs or records. This way, vinyl fans can technically bring their whole analog collection to a performance without having to worry about damaging rare and delicate records. Serato's "Proprietary Control Scheme" technology claims to have a latency level so low that analog-to-digital content is virtually indistinguishable to the human ear, making the unit a logical choice for vinyl aficionados. The analog Control Discs can store up to 10 minutes of A-Side content and feature a "Vinyl Scroll" function for remote laptop control, with 15 minutes of B-Side storage. Comparatively, CD Control Discs can store up to 15 minutes each. Replacement vinyl discs are available through Rane's online store, as they are faithfully constructed of wax and susceptible to wear over time. 


  • Optimized for Serato Scratch Live support
  • SL 1 hardware interface
  • USB compatible with included cable set
  • 4 stereo RCA cables
  • 2 vinyl control records
  • 2 control CDs
  • Scratch Live update/install disc
  • Keyboard shortcut insert
  • Serato Video-SL support
  • Full color manual

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    Access to special Music Pool named Whitelabel, offering free music


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