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Vestax PMC-06ProVCA

$420.00 Released September, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Simple design that's easy to use. Audio output is clear and basically lossless. Professional functions to adjust tone to suit needs.

The Cons:Doesn't have many functions at all. Only works with standard RCA inputs.

The PMC-06ProVCA is a two-channel disc jockey mixer from Vestax that offers a step-up from the company's PMC-05ProIII VCA model. Maximizing table space with its slim profile design, this model is intended to provide a responsive and functional scratch mixing experience in a small package.

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One-hand operation allows for a visually pleasing live performances, providing DJs with the opportunity to prepare new records, process effects or speak into a microphone while simultaneously controlling their mix. Crossfader mode selection enables customizable fading parameters that are tailored to a user's tendencies and musical needs, with a "Hampster" switch for reverse crossfading capabilities. This means that users can fade from channel one to channel two, and then fade back to channel one if they so desire. Crossfade monitoring is also available for individual channel monitoring via a headset, allowing the DJ to ensure that their output is sounding just the way they want it to. Each channel is equipped with a two-band isolator equalizer possessing high and low-frequency control, with an included "Trim" dial for quick on-the-spot volume adjustment. Left-to-right balance is also controllable for manual panning operation, with multi-directional input support via the unit's double panel design. 


  • Black aesthetic
  • Slim profile
  • PGM 1 and PGM 2 compatibility
  • 2-band EQ per channel
  • Photo-coupler crossfader with curve adjust
  • Hamster-style reverse crossfade
  • Gain and Pan channel functions
  • Multi-directional input switch
  • Responsive Trim function

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    simple design that's easy to use

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    audio output is clear and basically lossless

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    professional functions to adjust tone to suit needs

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    easy to replace the crossfader if you need to

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    durable construction for long-term professional use

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    doesn't have many functions at all

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    only works with standard RCA inputs

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